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Spring Come and See Newsletter for Parents

Religious Education

Spring Term 2019

Come and See at home


Dear Parent(s)/Carer(s),


This term we will be studying the three themes of Local Church (Community), Eucharist (Relating) and Lent/Easter (Giving). Each class will approach the themes through different topics.


Local church – Community

(Jan/Feb 2019) 


Early Years          Celebrating – People celebrate in Church

Year 1                   Special people – People in the parish family

Year 2                   Books – The books used in Church



Eucharist – Relating

(Feb/Mar 2019) 


Early Years          Gathering – Parish family gathers to celebrate the Eucharist

Year 1                     Meals – Mass, Jesus’ special meal

Year 2                    Thanksgiving – Mass, a special time to thank God


Lent/Easter – Giving

(Mar/Apr 2019) 


Early Year            Growing  – Looking forward to Easter

Year 1                     Change – Lent: a time for change

Year 2                     Opportunities  – Lent: an opportunity to start anew



Try something at home…  Suggestions for home activities


Explore the Diocesan website, looking at the number of churches, and finding out about our bishop, Bishop Tom.

Read Bible stories together or encourage older children to read a child’s Bible.


Suggestions for home activities:

Look through the family photograph album to help the children remember important events and special people in their lives.

Discuss how we come together for special celebrations.


Suggestions for home activities 

 As a family talk about how you are going to practice self-control and self-giving for the rest of the season of Lent. You may decide to give up biscuits or cakes and donate the money to a charity.

If you have an older child provide him/her with an opportunity to take part in The Stations of the Cross.   Ask your child/ren how the school is focusing on Lent and self-giving.



 Mary, the Holy Mother of God

1 January

The Epiphany of the lord

6 January

The Baptism of the lord

13 January

The Presentation of the Lord

2 February

Ash Wednesday

6 March

St Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary

19 March

The annunciation of the Lord

25 March

PALM SUNDAY of the Passion of the Lord

14 April

Maundy Thursday

18 April

Good Friday

19 April

Easter Sunday

21 April