Let’s Get back to Learning! Reception Class

With your support we are getting back to the rhythm of school life and moving on with teaching and learning. Many parents and children were able to engage with school during Lockdown and used the wide variety of learning resources such as See Saw App, through Education City, HWB, Twinkl and Oxford Reading Buddies. Thank you for supporting your child’s home learning.


Where are we at?

We are just ending our assessment period for the whole school. The results this year are different than previous years, we are all playing catch- up despite everyone’s best efforts.


Please work with your child to work on whole class targets:

Following on from initial teacher assessments, please work on the Language, literacy and communication targets below:


PHONICS- recognising the sound of a letter

To recognise, write and sound-out the following letter sounds of the alphabet. Remember to use that sound not the name of the letter. This will give your child the building blocks to move on to blending letters together.


In school we are working on revisiting these letter sounds, however, we need your help to play catch up. In normal circumstances we would expect most of Reception children to know most of the sounds of the letters in the alphabet.  This year many of the children have forgotten more than half of the letter sounds. Please could you practise letter sounds with your child and link objects to these sounds eg. b, b, b ball.


At home: How to pronounce the letter sound

Quick refresher course! As with Jolly Phonics, we do not teach the letter name, we teach the letter sound. To see and hear this in action please

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World Book Day Visiting Reader Mr Blades, Head of PE  Saint Joseph’s Comprehensive.