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What is it?

When your child starts Nursery, a member of staff will carry out the WellComm Screen to see how your child’s speech and language skills are developing.

Why is it important?

The early identification of any speech and language difficulty/ delay is vital to improving your child’s overall potential.

It is never too early to consider your child’s communication and to support and encourage this from an early stage.

What will this involve?

Staff will carry out some short activities. Toys and pictures will be used to make it fun and interesting.

And then….

your child may be provided with targets to work on in school and at home, this will support any areas of their language that need to be developed.



Why One Page Profiles?

Dear Parents,

We have trialled using One Page Profiles in St. Joseph’s Infant School. They are a simple tool,

an A4 information sheet on which we capture important information to help our teachers

to personalise learning. This information enables teachers to be aware of the strengths,

interests and specific support needs of their pupils.


One page profiles can be used to inform action planning and target setting, so that these

reflect what is important to the young person and how best to support them. This can make

targets more meaningful and relevant to the young person. On our infant school setting

they are a very valuable way for the our very youngest children to have a voice in how they

are supported in school, and to have their strengths and what is important to them as an

individual acknowledged. One page profiles are also a way for parents/carers to share

their knowledge and expertise on how best to support their child.

Please take some time to fill in the Profile and return to school. Thanks, Ms Beaumont

How are our children assessed in Reception?

Keeping in the loop! How are our children doing in Reception Class?


National Baseline Assessment

During the first weeks of Reception Class children will be assessed using the National Baseline Assessment tool. Areas to be assessed include Mathematical Development, Language Communication, Physical and Personal and Social Development.


Language Link Assessment

Language Link is an IT tool,  that gives Teachers and Teaching Assistants the ability to test for developmental language delays and put in place support where necessary.


What happens next?

At the end of the evaluation recommendations will be generated for any child with difficulties.

We will use the recommendations to put strategies and activities in place for your child. Your child may be included in a language group. We will provide  you with some easy activities that you can do with your child at home.


Speech Link Assessment

Speech link is a tool that gives us the ability to assess children’s speech development. It will identify speech delays and recommend speech sound programmes where necessary.


What happens next?

We will download programmes and pictures from the web site.



Finding out how well are children are doing in Nursery

Assessments tell us how well your child is doing and identifies the gaps to be filled.

In Nursery children will be assessed using Wellcomm assessment and on entry school baseline assessment. Our priority during this exciting step in your child’s life is to ensure that they are happy and settled. The Wellcomm assessment will be shared with parents during Parent meetings and Class assemblies.


Making links in learning

As parents are the first educators, working in partnership, targets to work on will be sent home.