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Parents and Friends Meeting May 2019. What’s new?

Minutes for PTFA: 8th May 2019

Next meeting: Friday 7th June 2019 at 9:00 in Main School

Confirmed attendances for fete;

  • Surf School (Nick Thomas)
  • Theatre School (idea for them to run taster sessions for the children to take part throughout the afternoon).
  • Fire Services
  • Police



  • Mascots from local business/ bizzy bees (friends of the school) 1st refusal bring their mascots and to charge 50p for a photo.
  • Chloe found a business online which has rides and mascots free of charge for schools. (I will msg Chloe to find out if she has contacted them).
  • Leanne’s friend Danielle to do stall for bows & to approach Aberavon Quinns to see if interested in doing taster session.

All very positive so far.


Beach Walk:

PTFA meeting was called to arrange & plan the beach walk which was a great success from feedback I have received. Good turn out and lots of fun. Slight negative- Little confusion in regards to donation/sponsorship and perhaps food for thought for future things we organise.


Other ideas:-

Louise Griffiths (Secretary)has been made aware of a parent learning group which is running at another school (Central Primary). Theirs is mainly aimed at the early years (nursery/reception) they run a block of sessions to aid learning/teaching at home. It could be run quite informally by PTFA with perhaps one off “guests”. We could do tasters of jolly phonics so there would be opportunity for the adults to learn. Ideas of games to play…. ideas perhaps parents already do/ input from teachers also. There could be tea and coffee at the sessions and perhaps charge £2 a session with a drink & biscuit included. Perhaps run a block of 6-8 sessions. If it worked & there was demand other sessions could be run. Also if the sessions alternated the day….. there may be more chance of a wider catchment coming (granted parents may only attend one or two sessions that way but depending on numbers that may work out better).


Perhaps a family event which could take place early evening with a performer of some kind. Something that both children and adults would enjoy? Pay so much on the door or sell tickets with the usual drinks and snacks for sale and raffle.



1.We need to schedule the next PTFA in prep for the fete as that will be here before we know it.

2.Could reminders also be sent this Friday (tomorrow) in regards to book day as a lot of parents on our group had forgotten.


  • Kind Regards always
  • Louise Griffiths – Secretary for PTFA
  • Frankie Boucher’s Mum

Library Visit

Year 2 enjoyed another fantastic library visit to Port Talbot Library with Leah last month!

We listened to stories and then could choose our own library books to borrow from the library. We have our own class library cards and our books were stamped at the desk!

Diolch yn fawr Leah and Port Talbot library!

Year 2’s trip to Margam Park

Our topic this term is The Gruffalo and Into the Woods. We had a wonderful day in Margam Park on Monday where Rhian, our guide, had created lots of exciting activities for us based around our senses!

First we played a senses game…


Next we made a leaf picture frame…

Then we had to find different materials to create a ‘smelly pot’. We had to add a magic potion!

It was very smelly!

After that, we were blindfolded and had to feel different objects using our sense of touch.

After lunch, we listened to the Gruffalo story. We had to help the Gruffalo characters find a new home because the bad weather had blown their homes away!

We crossed a stream into the deep, dark, woods…

Click on the link below to watch us crossing the stream!


Finally, we made a home for our woodland creature friends using natural materials!