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Month: January 2022

Philosophy for Children, making space to develop children’s thinking

Reception P4C

Koala makes the Right Choice – Raising awareness that choices result in consequences, which can be positive or negative.

After listening carefully to the story we discussed the differences between:-

‘Good Choices’ and ‘Bad Choices.’ We drew pictures and placed them in the appropriate hoop.

Rainbow Fish – Exploring ethics, specifically friendships and sharing.

Question for philosophy enquiry: Do you think Rainbow Fish should have shared his scales? Following our discussion we evaluated our lesson using happy/sad faces.

  • Did you enjoy philosophy today?
  • Were you happy to speak within the group today ?
  • Did you listen well today?
  • Did you do a lot of thinking?


Reception/Year 1 P4C

 Question for philosophy enquiry: Would you rather stay at home or come to school?

The children made their first choice when the question was posed, they sat either side of the ‘concept line’ according to their choice.  After listening to their friends reasons for their choice, the vote changed and many children decided that they too would like to change their mind!  In P4C it’s fine to change your mind.

                                                                           First Vote                                                                                                                                      

Second Vote

Monkey needs to Listen – exploring issues of listening properly to instructions and paying attention.

Before the story was read the children played ‘Simon Says.’  This  game highlighted the importance of listening carefully.

           Question for philosophy enquiry: Has there been a time when you haven’t listened to an adult, what were the consequences?



‘Simon Says’


   After the enquiry the children played:-                                                                                                                                      

                                                                 ‘Chinese Whispers’                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      



Year 1 P4C

Turtle comes out of her shell – A story about why sometimes people feel uncomfortable in certain situations, and how we can try to find ways to  overcome shyness and anxiety.                           

Question for philosophy enquiry: Have you ever felt shy like Turtle in the story?

During our enquiry we discussed ways of overcoming anxiety and shyness.  In the story Miss Bird the teacher suggested taking a deep breath.  The children practised a mindful exercise called ‘Hot Chocolate.’  They cooled their imaginary hot chocolate while focussing on breathing and relaxing and realised that they can help to control their feelings of shyness and anxiety.



Lion’s in a Flap – A book about feeling worried.  Children have an opportunity to explore what makes people feel worried and how to use coping mechanisms.

Questions for philosophy enquiry :-

Have you ever felt worried?

How does it make you feel?

Can you think of a way to overcome these physical features of anxiety?                                                         



Year 2 P4C

Croc Needs to Wait – This book gives children the opportunity to explore the idea of being patient and the importance of taking the time to do things carefully.

Question for philosophy enquiry:-

Why is it important to work cooperatively?

Have you ever worked with a friend, how did it go?

Following the enquiry the children were set into pairs with friends they don’t normally work with.   They were  given a giraffe to colour.  It was necessary to share the two crayons that they were provided with to complete the task.


The children evaluated their learning, they decided that:-

They liked working with different friends.

It was fun.

It was exciting.

It was good.

It was a pleasure.

Some children said that they would love to do it again!



Rhino Learns to be Polite – This story gives children the opportunity to explore the importance of having good manners and being polite and considerate towards others.

Question for philosophy enquiry: What makes good manners?




The children made lots of suggestions:-

No interrupting when someone is speaking.

Remember to say please and thank you.

No yawning when someone is speaking.

They were given the opportunity to agree/disagree with their peers, and to state their reasons why?






Understanding Mental Health – FREE Solihull parenting courses, for parents, carers, grandparents.


BRAND NEW!! Online course ‘Understanding your child’s mental health and wellbeing’ from the Solihull Approach (NHS).

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Can I tell my family and friends?

Absolutely! Share the news with family members and other families in the area so that they too can take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.

How long is it?

‘Understanding your child’s mental health and wellbeing’ itself is in 2 parts (2 modules long in total):

1. Take Part 1….

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3. …then take Part 2.

If you like this… …you might like the other courses ‘Understanding your teenager’s brain’ (short course) or ‘Understanding your child’s feelings’ (taster course) , or other courses in the series.

A New Year! Croeso 2022! Welcome to 2022!

Feb Return 2022


Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back to the Spring Term. I hope that you have had a holy, healthy and restful Christmas. We have missed the children and all staff are looking forward to them returning tomorrow.

However, this is a cautious return as NPT moves to COVID 19 HIGH RISK level. Our aim is to keep school open, to do this we will need to reintroduce the systems we have developed to keep all our families, children and staff safe. I am very aware that there are vulnerable individuals within all our families. I thought it would be useful to revisit how you can help us all to keep as safe as possible. It is really important that if your child have any of the 3 key symptoms that they do NOT attend school:

  • High temperature
  • A continuous cough
  • A loss or change to sense of smell or taste

New guidance for children 5-17 years identified as close contacts advises that they take a Lateral Flow Test every day for 7 days or until 10 days since last contact with the person tested positive. Please inform school should you have a positive case in the family.

Could we ask your support as parents to help with the following:

  1. Adults, please wear a face mask in the yard and keep to the staggered entry exit times: Y2-8:45, Mrs Turner and Mrs James 8:50, Mrs Mapp /Mrs Torrance 8:55, Nursery 9:00
  2. To reduce transmission, please move away from school promptly once your child has been dropped. If more than one sibling, please only one adult per family in the yard.
  3. Please keep 2m social distance on the yard.
  4. Use Breakfast Club only when essential.

Sadly, we will be suspending Language and Play for January, but will definitely review the situation in February. Hopefully, working together we will be able to provide learning and teaching based in school throughout this very challenging time ahead.

Thank you for your support.

Ms Julie Beaumont