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Month: June 2020

Childhood Vaccinations During the Pandemic

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have been contacted by NPT Health and Wellbeing Team and asked to share very important link  to Health Board information relating to childhood vaccination. Keep safe:)

Many thanks,

Ms Beaumont

Please see the links below to the Health Board webpages containing information about childhood vaccinations during the pandemic.  We would be grateful if you could share these links with parents via your usual communication methods.



NPT Message – Hub Provision for children of Key Workers to change during the Summer holidays

Message from NPT Local Authority


Dear Parent / Carer


In response to the early lockdown period, Neath Port Talbot local authority provided hub childcare facilities for critical workers. This was an immediate response to the emergency childcare needs for those on the frontline of the national cause to minimise the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Schools were repurposed in line with Welsh Government’s guidance to provide these facilities.


Following consultation with other agencies including the NHS and as we progress our national recovery programme, the same level of need no longer exists and the lifting of restrictions allows for childcare to be delivered by more normal means. The repurposing of schools has been reversed and as a result, the local authority will not be providing summer childcare for critical workers. This decision is in accordance with other neighbouring local authorities, Welsh Government decisions and paves an opportunity for childcare providers in Neath Port Talbot to re-establish their businesses and ensure that childcare needs are met accordingly.


Families wishing to access childcare are welcome to contact the local authority’s Family Information Service ( ) who will provide a list of registered providers who would be able to meet their needs.


The local authority’s Children Services and Education Directorate are currently constructing a summer support programme for our most vulnerable learners, many of whom have found lockdown conditions particularly challenging and detrimental. This programme will seek to deliver bespoke support for those assessed to be our most isolated children and young people suffering from increased stresses and substantial psychological inequality. The programme will be configured around current resource, allowing services to deliver increased opportunities for safe social interaction and enhanced wellbeing and mental health interventions.


Again, we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to parents and carers for their understanding and cooperation during these challenging times.


Yours sincerely,

Aled Evans

Director of Education, Leisure and Lifelong Learning


Neges gan Awdurdod Lleol CNPT

W.C 29th June 2020 Check in, Catch up & Prepare. Some important changes ahead

Thanks to all those parents who have responded to our survey regarding the offer of Catch Up sessions for children before we break for the Summer holidays.

Your Child’s wellbeing- shuffling of some slots

Staff are reworking rotas to make sure there will be more than one child in every session. Teachers will confirm by text, (Final Offer) the day offered to your child.

A New Norm

Remember that throughout these sessions our main aim is to reassure children, allow them time to see friends and staff, whilst keeping everyone as safe as possible. We need your help…

  • Please remember to use the one way system when dropping off in the morning (approach via the lanes, exit via Norman Street).
  • No school dinners will be on offer for these sessions, this will allow a more flexible approach to lunchtime. Packed lunch to go in with child please use a small lunchbox, no back packs, no pencil cases.
  • Water in a labelled bottle.
  • Check drop off times: Year 2 8:50, Year 1 9:00, Hub Children 8:50
  • Check Pick Up times: Year 2 2:30, Year 1  2:45,  Hub Children 3:00

Hub Provision for children of critical Workers

New updated guidance from NPT , (CICU NPT Guidance) recommends for primary school aged children, to be in small consistent groups. These groups should remain consistent as changing membership will increase the risk of transmission. Guidance then goes on ‘In returning to school, children should attend one setting wherever possible, and should remian in the same small consistent group within the setting as far as possible.’

Tricky Decisions

Following Advice to reduce risk of transmission – Hub provision will continue to run based in St Joseph’s Infant school (Nursery Block) from the 29th June, however, to keep children and staff safe, Critical Worker parents will have to make the tricky decision whether to allow their children to attend school with their classmates one session a week, or to continue to access Hub on a daily basis. I will be seeking clarity from NPT on this point.

NPT Decision to not run the ‘fourth week’ of Catch Up sessions – School will close Friday 17th July

Director of Education for NPT Aled Evans announced on Friday that “we understand Welsh Government and trade unions cannot reach a common position on the fourth week as a voluntary exercise despite protracted discussions. For its part, the Council does not propose to ask teaching and other school staff to volunteer and NPT will close for the Summer holidays Friday 17th July 2020.”

Phased Return to School

Dear Parents/ Carers,


Kirsty Williams. The Minister for Education in Wales has announced that Year 1 and Year 2 pupils will have the opportunity to ‘Check in, Catch up, Prepare’ at some point during the period 29th June – 24th July.

I want to take this opportunity to reassure you that the wellbeing of our pupils and staff is our primary concern. It is also important to note that everyone’s circumstances are different. If you decide it is too soon to send to your children back to school there will not be any issue regarding attendances or fines – this is your choice as families.

What is on offer?

From week beginning 29th June until 24th July. Your child has a weekly slot at school to access the ‘Catch up, Check in’ sessions, one day every week. We will allocate a day wherever possible taking into account attendance of siblings.

Staggered start and finish to the day

Year 2 will arrive at 8:50.  Dismissed from Ramp at front of school at 2:30

Year 1 will arrive at 9:00. Dismissed from side yard (on right of building) at 2:40

Key Workers’ children arrive at 8:50 (Nursery Building). Dismissed at 3:00 from Nursery Building

Year 1 and 2 children will therefore have a maximum of 4 sessions over the course of the 4 weeks.

One Way Drop Off

Please could we ask for all children and parents to approach school via the Lane BEHIND Norman Street, Keeping 2 Metres distance and exit via the Lane LEADING to Norman Street.


Here is a list of current information about how the sessions will run:


  • Only Years 1 and 2 will return alongside Critical Key Worker hub provision
  • Children are grouped into a ‘bubble’ of a maximum of 10 children in their year group
  • Please remind children about the importance of good hygiene/hand washing etc.
  • No backpacks or pencil cases to be brought into school
  • Children can wear uniform, however please do not buy new uniform if children have grown out of uniform


List of current information about how the sessions will run continued:-

  • Children will (weather dependent) spend the majority of the session outdoors. Please dress in appropriate clothing/hat/sun cream etc. Please make sure shoes are fit for purpose.
  • No formal learning will take place
  • Blended Learning – Online learning via Seesaw will remain the predominant method of teaching
  • No school transport is available
  • A morning snack will be provided- please no additional snacks to be sent into school
  • No breakfast club/after school club
  • Children need to bring in a packed lunch in a lunch box
  • Children can bring in a named water bottle
  • To reduce the transmission of any germs, we will be removing as much of the soft toys/furnishing as possible.
  • Children will ‘catch up’ with their class teacher at some point over the 4 weeks



Critical Key Worker

Critical Key Worker children will mix with their peer group for one day only.* We are awaiting clarification on this point.

Regarding key workers, please ensure that you fulfil the criteria to access the hub provision.

See flowchart below

Emergency_Childcare_Flowchart_for_Parents_and_Carers (1)


Please know that whatever you choose to do, you will have our full support.

After reading this information, please complete the online questionnaire:

Reopening letter from Ms Beaumont

12th June 2020

Dear Parents,


Planning for school reopening


We are missing the children very much and look forward to beginning the process of reopening our school very soon. The school is not the same without seeing your lovely faces and the corridors are quiet without you.


You will be aware of Education Minister Kirsty Williams’s statement last week, that schools are to reopen to all pupils from Monday, the 29th of June. On Wednesday, 10th June the Welsh Government published guidance to assist school leaders and local authorities in their planning for the reopening of schools.


Staff have been working closely with the local authority and colleagues from other schools to formulate a workable and sensible plan that will provide our learners in Years 1 & 2 only with some opportunities to come to school to meet with their teachers. We therefore are not reopening to our Nursery and Reception pupils. Unfortunately, this decision reflects younger children’s’ inability to social distance appropriately. After reviewing the current guidance about social distancing, sadly we do not have sufficient space to bring all year groups back to school.


Over the course of next week, we will formulate the details of our plans and the associated risk assessments. Then, we will provide you with more information about what the catch up sessions will look like. Our priority in this process will be to ensure the safety and well-being of children and staff.


The risks associated with coronavirus have not gone away and we must all be mindful of the need to maintain good hygiene, hand-washing and social distancing.  As such, we will have to limit the number of pupils and staff in attendance each day.  We will also have to limit the ways in which pupils and staff interact during the course of the school day.  These steps will be essential if we are to ensure the safety and wellbeing of learners and staff.  It is likely that we will be able to invite no more than a quarter of our pupils and no more than half of our staff into school on any one day.  Most pupils should expect to attend school for one day each week.  Pupils are likely to be grouped in small groups of no more than 8 and will remain with one teacher and one TA throughout the day.

Understandably, some staff, parents and pupils may feel apprehensive about the risks.  However, it is important to remember that, with adherence to guidelines, the risks will be minimised and provision will be safer.


Of course, it will not be safe for some learners and staff to attend, particularly those who have received shielding letters.  And under no circumstances should anyone with symptoms of coronavirus come into school. If pupils are not able to attend school – whatever the reason – they will still be able to learn remotely.  Indeed, our provision for remote learning will remain the default method and will be maintained for the rest of the academic year.  Attending school is intended to enhance this approach.

Currently, some of our pupils (e.g. children of NHS workers) are using our hub provision in Awel-y-Mor. We will continue to maintain this provision for the remainder of the summer term, though we will move it to Our school from Monday 22nd June.

I am aware that after reading this you may have several questions about school reopening.  This letter is intended only to alert you to what I think is most likely at present.  As planning is developed further, I will be able to provide you with more precise detail.  We will, of course, be taking proper account of the guidance issued by the Welsh Government so perhaps a reading of that may provide you with a fuller understanding of what to expect.  You can find a copy by clicking the following link.


Thank you for your patience during these uncertain times.  Please take care and stay safe.


Yours faithfully,


Ms J. Beaumont




Please also see a letter below from Aled Evans, Director of Education, Leisure & Lifelong Learning

Parent Letter 120620 Eng

Plans for School Reopening

Following the announcement this week by Education Minister Kirsty Williams, it appears that we will be opening school for pupils on 29th June.

This date will begin a phased operation that will allow all children some degree of face to face contact with teachers and their classmates. It will not, of course be business as usual- there will be many restrictions and precautions. We now await detailed guidance from the Welsh Government which will arrive next week.

As the guidance becomes available and as plans are worked through, I will be able to provide you with further information. I will endeavour to do this as soon as it is practical. In the meantime, I would like to assure you that we will be working in accordance with the Welsh Government guidance and we will be working very closely with NPTCBC officers and colleagues from other schools to ensure a coordinated and consistent approach.