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Missio in Action

Huge thanks to Year 2 children who braved the weather to clean and tidy the prayer area this afternoon.

2 Jesuit values:


Praying for others




Prayer Partners

Reducing waste- water Switching off lights Recycling Cutting down on food waste/Healthy foods Loving our world-litter Beach comb



School Council: Rights of the Child

Autumn: Spring


Article 29:

Your right to become the best that you can be.


Article 12:

Your right to say what you think should happen

and be listened to.

Article 15:

Your right to meet with friends and join groups

and clubs.

Article 6:

You have the right to life and to grow up to

be healthy.

Article 28:

Your right to learn and to go to school.


Article 19:

You should not be harmed and should be looked after

and kept safe.


Christmas Crafts-Peru


Silver Egg,

World Book Day,

Welsh Dimension/ 4 Key Purposes

Day of Many Colours

Multi -cultural weeks



Prayer Buddies:

  • Delphine, Josh, Jonny, Frankie, Evie, Aarika to lead and organise prayer buddies in school  (Week beginning 24th  Feb 2020).

Prayer Garden:

Jet Wash Prayer Area and use buckets from car wash.

Children to investigate whether we would need a roof  and come back with ideas after Half Term


What should we do to improve the look of the Prayer Area?

Paint Images of



  • Baby Jesus
  • May and Joseph
  • Angel
  • Creation
  • Noah’s Ark
  • Jesus calming the storm
  • The good Samaritan
  • Ask Mr Coughlin to repair pole wall and add 3 crosses if possible.

We should include our Catholic Virtues:

Love and Compassion

Discerning and  Listening

Hopeful and Faithfilled

Truthful – Learned

Grateful and Giving

Cayden suggested we should bring in the 4Rs?

Resilience –Do your best and God will do the rest


Ella suggests fake grass on pebble area

Nest step to consider:

  1. Collect Flags for around the world/ Bunting (Tibet).
  2. Research Hanging display
  3. Do we want a structure?
  4. Collective Worship/ Prayer Resources

Collective Worship

Collective Worship at St Joseph’s Infant School

We provide a daily act of collective worship. Worship lies at the heart of Christian life and at the heart of our school. This reflects the traditions of our Catholic community. At St Joseph”s this takes many exciting and spiritually developing experiences for all the children. Collective Worship often makes links to our school’s core Christian Values. We follow the Catholic Church Calendar when planning Collective Worship and St Joseph’s has built up an excellent relationship with Saint Joseph’s Port Talobot and Our Lady of Margam to support this work. Children are encourage to plan, lead and evaluate worship throughout the year. Our Missio Ambassadors have helped provide resources for every class. This term Missio have designed and painted pebbles displaying the Catholic virtues of ATTENTIVE and DISCERNING. These have been presented to each class. Children at an age appropriate level are responsible for setting the space for worship to take place in and leading the gathering, prayers and sending out.   

We believe that the outcomes of Collective Worship should be:

  • Social experience
  • Awareness
  • Spiritual experience
  • Development of Skills
  • Development of Knowledge
  • Confidence
  • Ability to pray

Every child has opportunities to take part in Collective Worship and develop spiritual reflection.

Missio Mass at Swansea Cathedral

Our Missio group have been very busy this week!

We started the week with a special visitor that Canon Paul had invited to our school. The visitor was a lady from Missio UK who came to see all the work we have been doing as Missio ambassadors. We presented her with a cheque from our recent Missio box collection and she was very impressed with all that we do in St. Joseph’s! See the tweet below!


We then joined our fellow Diocese of Menevia schools in a wonderful Mass celebration at Swansea Cathedral!

The Mass was to celebrate Pope Francis’ extraordinary month of Mission. It was a wonderful occasion and lovely to take part in the Offertory and receive our Mission candle to burn brightly in our school.


Croeso Mrs Sheila Isaacs Missio Coordinator England and Wales.


In this month of October the Extraordinary Month of Mission

We reflect on the Catholic Virtues GENEROUS and GRATEFUL

We welcomed to Saint Joseph’s Missio Coordinator for England and Wales Mrs Shiela Isaacs and Missio Leader for Menevia, our RE Link Governor Canon Paul. Children  had the opportunity to chat with Mrs Isaacs about projects we have been working on in school.

We are following the Pope’s plea to 

‘Go and create a world of brothers and sisters!’

Pope Francis

Building on Year 2’s Assembly message of Laudato Si we are working on the main themes of the Extraordinary month of Mission

-To encourage a deeper relationship with Jesus through prayer

-To be inspired by the actions of our saints, like St. Therese of Lisieux and missionaries like Bishop Giovani Cefai in Peru.

-To increase our support of overseas mission


During the visit our Missio Ambassadors presented Mrs Isaacs with a cheque for £127  to support the work of missions overseas.

Thanks to all our  families and the community of Saint Joseph’s for your continued  support.


Missio at work in our school

What does it mean to be a Missio School?

We are a Missio School. We have a team of Missio Ambassadors, their  job is to be the hands, feet and voice of Jesus in our school.

We have answered Pope Frances’ call to look after our world and support those who need our help. A very important part of this job is to pray for each other and pray for children all over the world.

Mums, Dads and Carers we need your help. You are the First Educators.

Please pray our Mission Together Pray at home:-

We pray

May all children

In the world

Share love

Share friendship and live

In the peace

Of God’s Love

Now and forever



Thank you for coming to share in our Easter Reflection

Congratulations to the whole school and especially the Year 2 teachers and children who led us to reflect on Jesus’ final days, his suffering and glorious resurrection.

One of our school targets is to improve our listening skills, we certainly saw excellent listening skills from nearly every single child during the Easter Service, in fact at times you could hear a pin drop!

Year 2 staff; Miss Wellington, Mrs Hines and Year 2 pupils rose to the challenge of leading us through the final days of Jesus’ life, accompanied by tremendous singing and acting from the rest of the school.

I certainly would not want to meet that angry mob on the streets of Port Talbot!

See pictures of our Dress Rehearsal below!


How can we get ready for Easter and help our sisters and brothers in Peru?

Pope Francis’ message this Lent:

Nobody, no situation and no place

is beyond God’s care 


Dear Mums and Dads, Aunties, Uncles, Staff, brothers and sisters,

Missio have met today and decided that during Lent we would like to do something different! Missio have suggested that together as a Catholic community we might:

  1. Give up or limit time on phones, i-pads, Play Stations?
  2. Find 5 minutes extra a day to pray to Jesus?
  3. Save pocket money and give to those in need?


Together we have decided to rise to the challenge of walking 10,000 steps a day during Lent. We would like everyone to join us ‘Doing something different’, getting fit and raising money for Missions in Peru (Father Giovanni) and Mission Together.


We thought it would be fun to do this together and are hoping that our whole community will join us in this adventure. Please fill in the promise below asap and send donations in by Monday 8th April.                                                  Thanks, Missio

Prayers of Thanksgiving

Year 2 have been working on prayers of Thanksgiving. Using a Eucharistic Prayer for inspiration they created their own prayers of Thanks giving.



Cian’s Prayer of Thanks

God our Father,

I praise you for my friends and family for their love and friendship.

I praise you for school and parish and for the help and light that shine upon us.

We know that you are good and hold us in the palm of your hands.