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St. Joseph’s Infant School

Pupil Development Grant (PDG) Strategy Statement

This statement details our school’s use of the PDG for the 2022 to 2023 academic year.

It outlines our strategy, how we intend to spend the funding in this academic year and the effect that last year’s spending had within our school.

School Overview

Number of pupils in schoolFull time 110,   Part Time 20    Full time equivalent 120
Proportion (%) of PDG eligible pupils38%  as of January PLASC
Date this statement was publishedOctober 2022
Date on which it will be reviewedOctober 2023
Statement authorised byHeadteacher- Mrs Julie Beaumont Rees  & Governing Body
PDG LeadDeputy Headteacher – Mrs Sarah Turner
Governor LeadChair of Governors – Miss Teresa Welsh

Funding Overview

PDG funding allocation this academic year£26,450
Early Years PDG£26,450
Total budget for this academic year  £52,900

Part A: Strategy Plan

Statement of Intent

As our children grow throughout their time at St Joseph’s Infant School, we aim to build independence, resilience and resourcefulness among learners to provide them with the skills required to solve problems and make decisions now and in the future.  Through our concept/theme-based approach, we aim to foster a curiosity and love for learning in our children, ensuring that they are equipped with the knowledge, skills and dispositions for future challenges as lifelong learners in a rapidly changing world. All pupils to make progress in Literacy, Numeracy and thinking skills. Curriculum and provision is equitable and inclusive. Use of the Pupil Development Grant supports these aims to be inclusive for all children and increase opportunities for additional learning opportunities, increase their wellbeing and enable inclusion in experiences inside and outside of the classroom.

Intended Outcomes

This explains the outcomes we are aiming for by the end of our current strategy plan, and how we will measure whether they have been achieved.

TargetSuccess criteria
To develop children’s understanding of the language of learning and higher order thinking skills       
To develop and successfully implement ALN reform within the school. 
To increase range and participation in Collective Worship. 
To improve the spelling, grammar and handwriting within children’s writing (Read Write Inc) 

Activity in this academic year

This details how we intend to spend our PDG this academic year to address the challenges listed above.

(1)Learning and Teaching  

Budgeted cost:

Teaching Assistant- (L2) 27.5hrs per week     £16,903.00

(1)ActivityEvidence that supports this approach
To meet the language needs of e-f pupils as identified in assessment, through effective delivery and monitoring of specific literacy based interventions Following Covid younger children have lower language skills than previously and need re-enforcement of speech, language, phonics and reading skills to have a positive impact on reading skills.

(2)Wider strategies

Budgeted cost:

Teaching Assistant – (L2) 18.5 hrs per week   £14,023.00

Teaching Assistant    (HL) 37hrs per week       £30,963.00

(2)Activity – wider strategiesEvidence that supports this approach
Fund a team of highly qualified and well-motivated of 2 TA’s  to provide bespoke or small group support to pupils who require health and wellbeing support through a range of approaches – Play therapy, Emotional Literacy Support Assistants, Smart Moves, Sensory Circuits.The school has seen a significant increase in the overall Wellbeing of a number of  pupils. Programmes which have been successful have been re-introduced and more staff have been trained to deliver and support more children.
  (3)Budgeted Cost  £2,664.00 £2,664.00
(3)Community Engagement for pre school: Half Day Language and Play 1 x TA L4 for 3hrs a week, 39 weeks Half Day Baby Sensory 1 x TA L4 for 3hrs a week, 39 weeks  School self-evaluation and listening to parental surveys highlights the importance of our school as a learning community and the potential importance of our impact on early childhood experiences.    
(4)Budgeted Cost£250.00 £1,700.00
Community Engagement Extra Curricular After school ballet club Camera Club          In line with New Curriculum for  Wales, we are Embedding 4 Core Purposes, setting aspirational goals, supporting pupil well- being through the provision of a range of After school activities    

Total budgeted cost: £69,167

Total Grant Allocation: £52,000

Externally provided programmes

Please include the names of any programmes that you purchased in the previous academic year. This will help us identify which ones are popular in Wales.

Read, Write, inc.In school
Inspirational Ballet for Under 7-Madam Eleanor
Camera ClubJack Moyse

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