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New School Routines during COVID-19

Thank you for working with us!

Quick Guide to Drop off Routine

Staggered Start to the school day.

Staggered Approach

We will as far as possible keep children in their class bubbles.

To do this we will stagger the start, lunch, end of the school day.


Class Arrival AM Break Lunch PM Break Pick Up
Y2 AW 8:45  


Y1 ST 8:50 2:55
Y1/R JJ 8:55
Reception EM/KT 8:55 2:55
Nursery AM 9:00 11:30
Nursery PM 12:15 2:45


Arrival Routine:

We are trying to keep everyone safe. To avoid children getting cold and wet and avoid congestion, please arrive promptly at your designated drop of slot. See above* However, should you arrive early please work with us, DO NOT enter the yard, please queue at 2m distance in the lane behind Norman Street.

If early please wait in cars/ or leave a little later. Ms Beaumont will invite one group of children into the yard at their  time slot. Once in the yard please use the footprints to keep socially distant and stand 2m apart.  Parents are asked not to go on the steps to the Nursery unit.

One Way System:

To improve social distancing parents are asked to walk UP the lanes BEHIND Norman Street and to exit along the lane to the right towards town/ Norman Street.

Thanks again for working with us to keep everyone safe!

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