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Collective Worship Summer Term

Satff join Canon Paul and the children of Our Lady of Margam gather to celebrate Family Mass

Monthly Family Mass celebration in St Joseph’s Parish. Thank you Monsignor Joseph!

Missio Ambassadors lead Collective Worship

Sharing Pope Francis message to Look after our ONE World.



CAFOD Family Fast celebrations- Brighten Up the World


Autumn Term Collective Worship

In November we remember those who have died.

We especially remember those who have died during the wars. We also pray for our family and friends who have died.

Come along and help us to remember.

Remembering the Pope’s message for children to pray for children, we created our own prayers for refugees.

On Sunday in St Joseph’s Parish we will call out the list of those who died during the First World War, the Second World War, The Falklands and other conflicts.



Remembrance Sunday

We have REFlECTED in those who have died within our family, friends and community.

We joined with the whole community of Neath Port Talbot and joined in with others

schools to remember and pray for our loved ones who have died.

Missio Ambassador Collective Worship

During the month of November Missio have met with Canon Paul RE Link Governor and Mrs Brigid O’Callaghan.

They have collected photos of our loved ones who have died and placed them on our tree of remembrance. A special Collective Worship service was planned and delivered to the whole school. Missio would like to share this with our school community in the Spring term.

Advent Collective Worship

During December we meet with our parishes and prepare for the birth of Jesus.

In school we have celebrated Advent through special Collective Worships led by Canon Paul, children and staff.

In our monthly Family Mass at Saint Joseph’s Parish we have presented our own prayers for Christmas during the Offertory. We have been thinking hard about how we can get our hearts ready to show love and be hospitable to others. We have also reflected on how we can be ATTENTIVE and listen to God’s word and DISCERN- make right choices.

Parents at home please take time to think about Catholic Virtues:




Collective Worship

Collective Worship at St Joseph’s Infant School

We provide a daily act of collective worship. Worship lies at the heart of Christian life and at the heart of our school. This reflects the traditions of our Catholic community. At St Joseph”s this takes many exciting and spiritually developing experiences for all the children. Collective Worship often makes links to our school’s core Christian Values. We follow the Catholic Church Calendar when planning Collective Worship and St Joseph’s has built up an excellent relationship with Saint Joseph’s Port Talobot and Our Lady of Margam to support this work. Children are encourage to plan, lead and evaluate worship throughout the year. Our Missio Ambassadors have helped provide resources for every class. This term Missio have designed and painted pebbles displaying the Catholic virtues of ATTENTIVE and DISCERNING. These have been presented to each class. Children at an age appropriate level are responsible for setting the space for worship to take place in and leading the gathering, prayers and sending out.   

We believe that the outcomes of Collective Worship should be:

  • Social experience
  • Awareness
  • Spiritual experience
  • Development of Skills
  • Development of Knowledge
  • Confidence
  • Ability to pray

Every child has opportunities to take part in Collective Worship and develop spiritual reflection.

Come and See Autumn Term Update for Parents

Saint Joseph’s Catholic Infant School

RE themes Come and See

Dear Parent(s)/Carer(s),


This term we will be studying the three themes of Domestic Church (Family), Sacrament (Baptism and Confirmation -Belonging) and Christian Living  (Advent and Christmas -Loving). Each class will approach the themes through different topics. The children will also spend time studying Judaism.

Domestic church – family

Early Years         Myself – God knows and loves each one

Year 1                   Families – God’s love and care for every family

Year 2                   Beginnings – God is present in every beginning



Pupils will study various aspects of Judaism for one week. Ask them what they have been learning about

Suggestions for home activities

Make a collage using family photographs of all the significant family members—grandparents, parents, children, aunts, uncles etc. who show God’s love.

Write underneath it “We show God’s love to one another.Include those who have died.


Sacraments – Baptism and Confirmation – Belonging

 Early Years         welcome – Baptism: a welcome to God’s family

Year 1                   belonging – Baptism: an invitation to belong to God’s  family

Year 2                   signs and symbols – Signs and symbols in Baptism

Suggestions for home activities

Talk to someone who has been to a Baptism and/or Confirmation about their memories of this celebration.


Christian Living -Advent/Christmas – Loving

 Early Years         birthday – Looking forward to Jesus’ birthday

Year 1                   waiting – Advent: a time to look forward to Christmas

Year 2                   preparations – Advent: preparing to celebrate  Christmas

Suggestions for home activities

Discuss with the children how your family welcomes visitors to your home.

Find out about some Christian symbols for Advent e.g. Advent wreath, calendar, Jesse tree.

Use the CAFOD or Missio websites to get a religious Advent calendar.



Remember: Parents are the first educators. Together we can make a real difference.

Please make the effort to buy a children’s bible. We suggest one with beautiful engaging illustrations.

Please find time in our busy lives to reflect on the stories that Jesus told.


Come along and join in parish celebrations:  A warm welcome is extended to all our families to come along and join us to celebrate Mass every Sunday in St Joseph’s, Our Lady of Margam and Briton Ferry. Family Masses are celebrated usually on the 2nd Sunday of each month in St Joseph’s and half termly in Margam. During these special celebrations, children play a key role in the liturgy.

Sacramental Preparation begins in the Autumn Term for all parishes. Please contact Monsignor Joseph or Canon Paul for further information.





How can we get ready for Easter and help our sisters and brothers in Peru?

Pope Francis’ message this Lent:

Nobody, no situation and no place

is beyond God’s care 


Dear Mums and Dads, Aunties, Uncles, Staff, brothers and sisters,

Missio have met today and decided that during Lent we would like to do something different! Missio have suggested that together as a Catholic community we might:

  1. Give up or limit time on phones, i-pads, Play Stations?
  2. Find 5 minutes extra a day to pray to Jesus?
  3. Save pocket money and give to those in need?


Together we have decided to rise to the challenge of walking 10,000 steps a day during Lent. We would like everyone to join us ‘Doing something different’, getting fit and raising money for Missions in Peru (Father Giovanni) and Mission Together.


We thought it would be fun to do this together and are hoping that our whole community will join us in this adventure. Please fill in the promise below asap and send donations in by Monday 8th April.                                                  Thanks, Missio

Prayers of Thanksgiving

Year 2 have been working on prayers of Thanksgiving. Using a Eucharistic Prayer for inspiration they created their own prayers of Thanks giving.



Cian’s Prayer of Thanks

God our Father,

I praise you for my friends and family for their love and friendship.

I praise you for school and parish and for the help and light that shine upon us.

We know that you are good and hold us in the palm of your hands.

What is our Easter Service all about?






Following Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday we move into the 40 days of Lent. The season of Lent reminds us of Jesus’ 40 days of fasting and prayer in the wilderness, where he grew stronger through resisting various temptations.

The more we become familiar with the Word of God, the more we can become strengthened.

Lent is a ‘powerful’ season, a turning point that can foster change in each of us.

Let us deny ourselves something every day to help others.’

Pope Francis




To help children understand the Easter story, every year we present our version of Jesus’ last days, his death and resurrection. Last year we performed this outside in the open air. Please join us this year, as Year 2, helped by Reception and Year 1, present St Joseph’s Easter Service on the last Tuesday of term at 1:30 PM in St Joseph’s Church.