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Month: May 2022

Collective Worship

As we move through the month of May, whole school acts of worship are thankfully part of school life. Across the school we are working towards developing pupil voice and in this context children help plan the celebrations in many ways including leading us in prayer and reflection, organising the weekly altars, guiding us through the different parts of worship and providing ideas on how we can live out the Word of God.

We Gather. Year 2 children present the Rosary to become part of May Altar.
Presentation of Flowers to Mary
Year 1 pupils brought symbols reflecting Jesus as the Good Shepherd
We Gather
We Listen to the Word of the Lord
We can pray in so many ways. Movement, action and singing. Holy Spirit fill me up!

Living OUT our Catholic Mission

Thanks to all who joined us to gather together to support and raise money for friend of the school Olivia on a sunny, breezy Thursday afternoon. It was fantastic to walk Aberafan seafront, celebrating the achievement of walking the total distance of the coastline of Wales. We also remembered the troubles in Ukraine and part of the money raised will go towards supporting refugees from Ukraine.

Please join with us to pray the rosary for peace in the world.

Whole School and wider community Sponsored Walk
As we walked we thought about Peace at home, in Ukraine, in the world

Mary Queen of Peace pray for us.