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Month: September 2020

Thank you Canon Paul

A huge thank you to our Religious Education Link  Governor, Canon Paul who has played a vital part in working with the children and staff of Saint Joseph’s Infant School. He has been a fantastic support and a visible presence in our lives. We wish him much love and all our prayers as he takes up a new appointment as Parish Priest of St David’s Swansea. Thank you Canon Paul. We will miss you!

Mission Together!
We are praying for children all over the world!


Update on how we are changing what we do in school

Should your child become unwell and have any one of the COVID-19 symptoms:

  1. High temperature
  2. New, persistent cough
  3. Loss of taste and/or smell

They should NOT attend school. They should remain at home and self-isolate and arrange a COVID-19 test.

Ventilation: We plan to take learning outside whenever possible. Indoors- windows will be open as much as possible.

IMPACT on SCHOOL UNIFORM: Please ensure that as the weather becomes colder, children are dressed in removable layers, maybe think about adding a vest, buying warm school hoodies and jogging bottoms. A warm waterproof coat this term is an essential.

Protect Trace and Track:

It is vitally important that should you or any of your household test positive to COVID-19 that you inform school as a matter of urgency.




Healthy Choices:

Please reinforce healthy food choices in lunch boxes- try to make treats a healthy option. Please avoid chocolate. To encourage children to engage in active play during dinner hour, please be realistic about portion size.

This term our School is working on:

  • Safely getting back into the rhythm of new school life
  • Rebuilding friendships, being kind and loving, curious and active.
  • Revising self-help skills; putting coats on, going to the toilet independently, eating with a knife and fork and tying laces.
  • Developing literacy and numeracy skills across the curriculum
  • Developing pupils’ ability to listen to others and focus purposefully in independent tasks.

Let’s get FIT: Mrs O’Leary will be working with Ms Beaumont to set a family fitness challenge. Please send your photos in on See Saw. Also take a look at Premier League Primary Stars- website of the week*

Can you walk a 2 km a day?

Can you cycle 5km a week?

Website of the month!*

Premier League Primary Stars (for inspiration)

Getting back to learning

It has been fantastic to get back to the pattern of life in school. Children, Parents and Staff are getting used to the new daily rhythm of school.

Thanks to Chloe Lyons from the Road Safety Team for her session delivered using distance learning.

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back – we have missed you!!!

A warm welcome back to the Autumn Term, which promises to be, in a different way, action packed and full of exciting leaning for all.

Thanks for working with us

Important to share this information with Grandpas and Grandmas.

Time Slot Reminder: Please remember to keep to time slot. To ease congestion children in Mrs Turner’s to class arrive at 8:50. Please WAIT in CAR/house to help social distancing.

  Arrive Depart
Miss  Wellington(Y2) 8:45 2:45
Mrs Turner(Y1) 8:50 2:50
Mrs James(Y1/R) 8:55 2:55
Mrs Mapp/Mrs Torrance(Reception) 8:558 2:55
Mrs Coughlin








Social Distancing: Please remember one way system for drop off and try to keep 2m distance within the school yard (Use footprints to help). Could you also move away promptly to allow the next bubble of parents to drop off.

Challenges Ahead

Our main aim is to keep children safe whilst educating them spiritually, academically and particularly this term we will be supporting children’s wellbeing.

Beakfast Club: We are taking a cautious approach to the reintroduction of Breakfast Club and to using the school Dining hall for lunchtime. No Breakfast Club will run yet. This will allow children to remain in Class bubbles. We will closely monitor developments.

School Dinners: Hot food is available daily in the form of grab bags. Please use Parent Pay or take advantage of Free School Dinners. Dinner Money is payable on a Monday at a cost of £2.35 per meal (£11.75 weekly)

Annual Flu Vaccine nasal spray- a new norm.

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please take some time to look again at the video linked to this post. I am sure it will help prepare our children for the new norm when school nurses visit later this year.



This is a message from our School Nurses:

“Our school nurses will look different this year when they visit pupils to give them the annual flu vaccine nasal spray.

Instead of wearing normal clothes, they will be wearing scrubs and personal protective equipment (PPE), such as a mask and face visor.

This is in line with national Covid-19 infection prevention guidance.

As the PPE significantly alters the nurses’ appearance and may be off-putting for some children, we have produced a show and tell video to help familiarise the children with the new arrangements.

In the three-minute video school nurse Sian Richards directly addresses primary school pupils in simple terms, explaining clearly why she and her colleagues will be wearing these funny outfits.

She also demonstrates the nasal spray for those who haven’t had it before.

We hope the video will prepare the pupils, helping them to feel more comfortable on the day the vaccinators visit.

We ask that you show this video to every class and also share on your social media feeds and in your electronic newsletter to parents.”

Link to video: English version –