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Month: July 2020

Arrangements for Nursery Class September 2020

Dear Parents,

Reflecting on the needs of the child

We want your children to keep safe, whilst having the very best start to school Nursery life in September.We are very much aware that our Nursery children have missed valuable learning time during the Summer Term, which is a time when school routines are embedded. To give our Nursery children extra adult  support to help them settle into school life and routines, we have decided to divide the class into 2 in the first instance.

We will run two sessions in the first term:

Morning Session: 9-11:30  for children born up until and including March 2017

Afternoon Session: 12:15-2:45 for children born April – August 2017

We hope that you will understand that this structure has been put in place to allow your child the extra support they may need on entry to school in September. Mrs Coughlin and I will text to inform which of the 2 sessions your child will attend. The groups have been split by age.

Be assured that when your child has settled, both groups will join together during Term 2.


Keeping in touch

Please contact school if you have changed your mobile number as we use a texting service to share vital information.

Back to School Arrangements for September 2020


Dear Parents,

We are so looking forward to seeing you and all of our children back in school in September. To keep everyone safe I thought it would be a good idea to share some really important information. This advice maybe subject to change pending advice from NPT and Welsh Government during the Summer holidays.

I will try not to bombard you with too much information. The news so far…


Great News! All children will be back in September.

When? Year 1,2 and Reception will start back Thursday 3rd September.


Reception Children- phased return

To ease Reception children into fulltime education and maybe to stop them sleeping the afternoon away-

  • Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th the session will end at 1:00.
  • Monday 7th – Friday 11th the session will finish at 2:00.
  • Monday 14th onwards 8:55- 2:55.


Nursery Children

To help settle Nursery children into school life we will be running 2 Nursery sessions for the first term, allowing them to get used to school routines in a smaller group. Mrs Coughlin and I will be in touch to give you details of sessions and Taster Days. We hope to have all children in by 14th September.


Staggered Approach

We will as far as possible keep them in their class bubbles. To do this we will stagger the start, lunch, end of the school day.


Class Arrival Lunch Pick Up
Y2 AW 8:45 11:55 2:45
Y1 ST 8:55 11:45 2:55
Y1/R JJ 8:55 11:35
Reception EM/KT 8:55 11:35 2:55
Nursery AM 9:00 11:30
Nursery PM 12:15 2:45


*For those children with siblings we will be flexible


Social Distancing for adults

Please remember to use the One Way system for drop off – up the lane behind Norman Street and exit the lane to  Norman Street. Children will be met at the main blue gate.


Uniform as usual

Please could children wear uniform daily. Fresh clothes daily is advisable to reduce transmission. (PDG grant form available to down load from website). Mrs O’Callaghan has a large stock of good quality uniform in the Church Nearly New Shop (Open 3rd and 4th September 10:00-11:00).


School Meals Service

We will be adapting our School Dinner service to provide a combination of  Hot Grab Bags, Cold Grab Bags and hot meals. If your child prefers to eat packed lunch, please use a SMALL lunchbox. Please NO backpacks. Please send water in a bottle you’re your child’s name on it.


Fruit will continue daily. Please send £2 in the envelopes that we will provide in September(Before handling it will be left for 72 hours).


Working Together

Remember that it will be vitally important not to send your child into school should they display any symptoms of COVID (cough/ loss of sense of smell/ high temperature).


Cutting down transition


Clubs Unfortunately, for the first term there will be no Breakfast Club, no Language and Play and no After School Clubs.


Payments Please use Parent Pay for Voluntary Contribution Building Fund payments £25 per term (£2 per week) and

Dinner Money £11.75 (£2.35 daily). 


Transport We are waiting on an update on school transport, as yet there will be NO transport.

We will provide children with pencils/stationary packs. Please do not send in resources from home. Please remember to label all belongings, especially coats and jumpers.



Have a great Summer, I look forward to seeing you all in September.

My love and prayers go to each and everyone of you,

               Stay safe

                  Ms Beaumont




Classes September 2020/21

Classes 2020/21

Classes for 2020 will be organised into 4 groups, with the addition of Nursery sessions which will be led by Mrs Coughlin.

Where a year group is split teachers will liaise and plan with one another to ensure the same curriculum content is taught to children of the same age group.


Classes and Teaching Staff for September 2020

Year Group                    Teacher

Year 2                             Miss Wellington

Year 1                             Mrs Turner

Year 1/ Reception       Mrs James

Reception                     Mrs Mapp/ Mrs Torrance

Nursery                         Mrs Coughlin


Q and A : Your questions answered

Why have we split the classes?

Splitting the classes enables us to have smaller class sizes across the school.


Meet your teacher!

Year 2 – Miss Wellington



Year 1 – Mrs Turner



Reception/Year 1 – Mrs James



Reception – Mrs Mapp & Mrs Torrance



Nursery – Mrs Coughlin


Virtual Saints Sports Day 2020

What an amazing response from our Virtual Sports Day!

Check out our videos on the link below!

Virtual Saints Sports day 2020

Complete between Monday 6th July – Friday 10th July

Welcome to St Joseph’s Infants School first ever Virtual Saints Sports Day.

Sports Day is one of the most important events on St Joseph’s Infants School Calendar.

Whilst we all cannot be together in school because of the Global Pandemic, our Virtual Saints Sports Day will give us the opportunity to take part, have fun and celebrate this special event virtually together.

There will be 6 challenges for you and your family to do and with the help of your parents, a photograph or video of you completing the 6 challenges can be sent to school on Seesaw.

Challenge 1 – Shuttle Run

Items required for this challenge and set up

2 Tins of soup or beans and a measuring tape.

Place the tins on the floor and  measure  a 2m gap between them,

Shuttle Run Rules

Run as many times as possible to each tin in 30 seconds and count how many laps you have done.

Don’t forget the video or photograph!

Challenge 2 – Tunnel Crawl

Items required for this challenge and set up

2 chairs and 1 sweeping brush and soft flooring

Balance the sweeping brush on the chairs ensuring that your child can crawl under the brush without touching it.

Tunnel Crawl Rules

Crawl under the broom and walk around the chairs. Count how many tunnel crawls you have done in 30 seconds  Remember the photograph!

Challenge 3 – Speed Bounce

Items required for this challenge and set up

1 Tea towel. Roll the tea towel length ways and place on the floor.

Speed Bounce Rules

Jump as many times as possible over the tea towel making sure you land on 2 feet in 30 seconds and count how many jumps you have done.

Remember the photograph or video!

Challenge 4 – Throw, Clap, Catch

Items required for this challenge

1 pair of socks

Shuttle Run Rules

Throw the socks up in the air, clap your hands and catch the socks as many times as possible in 30 seconds and count how many catches you have done.

(Some children might just want to catch the socks and leave out the clap)

Remember the photograph!

Challenge 5 – Target Throw

Items required for this challenge and set up

As many pairs of socks you can find and a laundry basket or bucket and a measuring tape. Place the laundry basket or bucket either 1 metre or 2 metres away from you, depending on how easy or hard you would like the challenge to be.

Target Throw Rules

Throw as many pairs of socks as possible into your basket or bucket in 30 seconds and count how many pairs of socks are in the basket or bucket at the end.  Remember the photograph or video!

Challenge 6 – Stand and Sit

Items required for this challenge

1 chair that you are used to sitting on.

Shuttle Run Rules

Stand up and sit down (no hands allowed) as many times as possible in 30 seconds and count how many stand up and sit downs you have done. (1 stand and 1 sit = 1 count)

Remember the photograph or video!

We hope that taking part in our Virtual Saints Sports Day challenges will bring some fun and laughter to your household, and create more lockdown memories with your family whom I am sure will help you – our little saints ‘to do your best’!

A reward certificate will be put onto Seesaw, once you have completed the activities and sent a photograph to your Teacher.

Pwb lwc pawb! (Good Luck everyone!)

Mrs O’Leary