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Month: November 2018

Missio Update. Minutes of Meeting Tues 27th November 18

Agenda: 27.11.18

  1. Well done for action research at home
  2. How shall we share this information with others?
  3. Planning our special assembly
  4. Loving our World this Christmas
  5. Loving our school-How can we improve our playground?



Well done to ‘Reducing waste water’ group and ‘Switching off lights’ group who have created fantastic posters which will be put up around school.

Children shared ideas with all Missio Ambassadors and will share with whole school in the special Missio Assembly on  Friday. During this Missio Ambassadors will be given Missio badges. Please remind Mums and Dads to help you take the badge off before washing. Try to remember to wear your badge every day.

Teachers- Please help  Missio to have chance to to create posters.  Try using more than one App? Reminder to Missio groups to continue to switch off taps and switches every day.

Whole School Missio Message for Christmas Save trees, Save our planet. Christmas Cards are made from trees. Missio have decided to ask everyone to send ONE Christmas wish to hang on our Christmas tree, rather than many cards.

Recycle Group Ideas

  1. Children to create posters- to include message ‘Don’t drop rubbish’.
  2. Time Out – Rubbish pick, by Group members.
  3. New Bins with better signs a. Plastics, b. Milk waste, c) Fruit Waste
  4. Buy Litter pickers (Sturdy please)
  5. Recycle Group voted to swap weekly,
  6. Year 2 responsibility for Week 1.


Many thanks Ms Beaumont


Next Meeting Friday 30th Nov 2018


School Council Update

School Council are working on embedding Rights of the Child

Autumn: Spring


Article 29:

Your right to become the best that you can be.


Article 12:

Your right to say what you think should happen

and be listened to.

Article 15:

Your right to meet with friends and join groups

and clubs.

Article 6:

You have the right to life and to grow up to

be healthy.

Article 28:

Your right to learn and to go to school.


Article 19:

You should not be harmed and should be looked after

and kept safe.


Christmas Crafts-Peru


Silver Egg,

World Book Day,

Welsh Dimension/ 4 Key Purposes

Day of Many Colours

Multi -cultural weeks

Lest We Forget

We took part in Margam Orangery’s ‘Lest We Forget’ memorial at Margam Park this year. Beautiful tributes were shared.



We have REFLECTED in those who have died within our family, friends and community.

Come along and help us to remember.

 On Sunday in St Joseph’s Parish we will call out the list of those who died during the First World War, the Second World War, The Falklands and other conflicts.


The PoppyStory Lest we forget