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Month: September 2018

Language and Play

Language and Play in Saint Joseph’s Infant School


Would you and your child like to join us for some fun activities?

Sessions are FREE and last for about an hour.

Language and Play is a short programme for children aged 0-3 years.

We will share ideas and activities that will make a real difference to

both you and your child. Join us for sessions

 at: Saint Joseph’s Infant School

on: Wednesday at 1:15-3:15

We look forward to seeing you,

Ms. Beaumont,

Mrs D. Coughlin ( Nursery Foundation Team)



How are our children assessed in Reception?

Keeping in the loop! How are our children doing in Reception Class?


National Baseline Assessment

During the first weeks of Reception Class children will be assessed using the National Baseline Assessment tool. Areas to be assessed include Mathematical Development, Language Communication, Physical and Personal and Social Development.


Language Link Assessment

Language Link is an IT tool,  that gives Teachers and Teaching Assistants the ability to test for developmental language delays and put in place support where necessary.


What happens next?

At the end of the evaluation recommendations will be generated for any child with difficulties.

We will use the recommendations to put strategies and activities in place for your child. Your child may be included in a language group. We will provide  you with some easy activities that you can do with your child at home.


Speech Link Assessment

Speech link is a tool that gives us the ability to assess children’s speech development. It will identify speech delays and recommend speech sound programmes where necessary.


What happens next?

We will download programmes and pictures from the web site.



Finding out how well are children are doing in Nursery

Assessments tell us how well your child is doing and identifies the gaps to be filled.

In Nursery children will be assessed using Wellcomm assessment and on entry school baseline assessment. Our priority during this exciting step in your child’s life is to ensure that they are happy and settled. The Wellcomm assessment will be shared with parents during Parent meetings and Class assemblies.


Making links in learning

As parents are the first educators, working in partnership, targets to work on will be sent home.

Emotional Literacy- ELSA


Working on pupil Wellbeing

Dear Parents and Carers,

We understand just how important Wellbeing is for our children and for us as adults.
Wellbeing is the  focus of our School Development Target 1.

One strategy to develop some children as rounded people and active members of our community is the delivery of ELSA.

Mrs Lloyd is already trained in ELSA. School is investing time and effort in training a second ELSA, Mrs Hines.


Introduction to ELSA – What is ELSA?


ELSAs are emotional Literacy support assistants working in schools.

– help children recognise, understand and manage emotions to increase success
– plan and deliver individual ( and small group) support programmes
– receive training and supervision from education psychologists.

ELSAs with support of the parents and school, provide interventions helping to meet the needs of pupils in our school.  Interventions are planned to last 5 weeks to 1 term in length.


What are the benefits to the school?
ELSA can make a difference to help children feel supported,

to develop greater self- awareness, to interact more successfully and manage better in school.


You can find out more about ELSAs at

ALN Drop in NPT


Are you a Parent/Carer of a child with a Special Educational Need/Additional Learning Needs?


NPT Inclusion Service are offering the opportunity for you to meet with staff members to discuss any concerns you may have on:-


Monday 12th November 2018

between 9.00am – 12.00pm at


St Pauls Centre

Gerald Street

Port Talbot

SA12 6DQ


If you would like to book a slot for consultation please email

Our Catholic Mission- come walk in the footsteps of Christ

We aim to develop each and every child, to celebrate through prayer our love of God. Jesus invites us all to join in a celebration of the Holy Eucharist every Sunday.


Jesus said,