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Happy Half Term!

Dear Parents,

I hope that you are all keeping well. My love and prayers are with you all. The Staff are really missing the children and I’m sure the children are missing their friends, teachers, teaching assistants and daily routines.


A different Summer Term

Summer Term is normally filled with fun and exciting visits, our trip to Bristol Aquarium has just popped up on my phone from 2019. In normal times children would have made their First Holy Communion and Year 2 pupils would be getting ready to transition to join their friends in the Junior School. I have spoken to Mrs May, Head of the Junior School and she will be in touch with Year 2 pupils in the near future.


Optional Activities for Half Term

Today is Bank Holiday and this week is Half Term. After lots of discussion with staff, we have posted a new activities for children this week, however, there is no great expectation for children to complete this work. If you choose to relax and kick back and have a week of Family Time, then that is fine with us. However, for some the routine of school activities has worked to provide structure in the day and so for those families we have continued to provide activities for the holiday period.


Planning for Phased Return

With my fellow Headteachers we are liaising weekly with NPT Senior Management Team, to review recent developments, identify key issues and formulate possible solutions in preparation for a phased return to school. We have been assured that Senior Officers in NPT are working on guidance for areas such as movement around school/social distancing, transport and cleaning. NPT feedback is being shared with Welsh Government and we hope this will inform when and how we put into place a phased return to school. Three weeks notice will be given before any phased return. Thanks to all those who have completed the most recent parent survey. Your views are really important to us and will be fed back to NPT.


Well done!

Well done to all who have been completing weekly challenges and also to those who have been working on reading and writing tasks Mum and Dad have been setting. Keep up this fantastic work. Remember you can access our reading scheme by using the login details sent at the beginning of Lockdown.

So looking forward to seeing you all.

Ms Beaumont


NPT Inclusion Service telephone consultation helpline for Parents

NPT Inclusion Service telephone consultation helpline for parents and carers.

In light of the current Covid-19 situation, and the significant impact this is having upon the education of all children and young people, as well as their families, the NPT Inclusion Service is offering a telephone consultation helpline, which may help support you and your child at home.

The NPT Inclusion Service consists of a number of agencies who support the Local Authority in addressing the needs of vulnerable learners, including those with Additional Learning Needs.

The teams are:

  • Support for Learning, (Advisory Teams for Autism Spectrum Disorder, Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, Sensory Impairment and Learning)
  • Additional Learning Needs Support Service
  • Educational Psychology Service
  • School Based Counselling Service
  • Well-Being and Behaviour Team
  • School and Family Support Team. Areas of concern you may wish to discuss, could include:
  • This consultation helpline, will be available to parents / carers of children and young people who have a Statement of Special Educational Needs, whether they attend a mainstream school or a specialist learning support centre or special school.
  • Anxiety around the current situation and its impact upon your children and family
  • Helping you to support your children’s emotional needs
  • Concerns about family relationships
  • Advice about learning opportunities, daily structure and activities. If you would like to access the service, please use the form below. This service is also available bilingually, so please indicate whether you require the consultation through the medium of Welsh. Any personal data that you divulge to us during the phone call will be treated in confidence and in line with our obligations under the GDPR 2016. Please refer to the Local Authority Privacy Notice.
  • Please click on the attached link in order to access the form.
  • We will aim to get back to you within 2 working days to confirm a time and date.
  • The concerns can be related to school or family life. You will be offered an initial telephone consultation of 30 minutes, with the most appropriate member of the inclusion service, dependent upon you and your child’s needs, and a potential follow-up of another 30 minute telephone consultation at a later date. These will be Monday to Friday within standard working hours.

If you would like to access the service, please use the form below. This service is also available bilingually, so please indicate whether you require the consultation through the medium of Welsh.

We will aim to get back to you within 2 working days to confirm a time and date.

Any personal data that you divulge to us during the phone call will be treated in confidence and in line with our obligations under the GDPR 2016. Please refer to the Local Authority Privacy Notice.

Please click on the attached link in order to access the form.

Missio at work in our school

What does it mean to be a Missio School?

We are a Missio School. We have a team of Missio Ambassadors, their  job is to be the hands, feet and voice of Jesus in our school.

We have answered Pope Frances’ call to look after our world and support those who need our help. A very important part of this job is to pray for each other and pray for children all over the world.

Mums, Dads and Carers we need your help. You are the First Educators.

Please pray our Mission Together Pray at home:-

We pray

May all children

In the world

Share love

Share friendship and live

In the peace

Of God’s Love

Now and forever



Parents and Friends Meeting May 2019. What’s new?

Minutes for PTFA: 8th May 2019

Next meeting: Friday 7th June 2019 at 9:00 in Main School

Confirmed attendances for fete;

  • Surf School (Nick Thomas)
  • Theatre School (idea for them to run taster sessions for the children to take part throughout the afternoon).
  • Fire Services
  • Police



  • Mascots from local business/ bizzy bees (friends of the school) 1st refusal bring their mascots and to charge 50p for a photo.
  • Chloe found a business online which has rides and mascots free of charge for schools. (I will msg Chloe to find out if she has contacted them).
  • Leanne’s friend Danielle to do stall for bows & to approach Aberavon Quinns to see if interested in doing taster session.

All very positive so far.


Beach Walk:

PTFA meeting was called to arrange & plan the beach walk which was a great success from feedback I have received. Good turn out and lots of fun. Slight negative- Little confusion in regards to donation/sponsorship and perhaps food for thought for future things we organise.


Other ideas:-

Louise Griffiths (Secretary)has been made aware of a parent learning group which is running at another school (Central Primary). Theirs is mainly aimed at the early years (nursery/reception) they run a block of sessions to aid learning/teaching at home. It could be run quite informally by PTFA with perhaps one off “guests”. We could do tasters of jolly phonics so there would be opportunity for the adults to learn. Ideas of games to play…. ideas perhaps parents already do/ input from teachers also. There could be tea and coffee at the sessions and perhaps charge £2 a session with a drink & biscuit included. Perhaps run a block of 6-8 sessions. If it worked & there was demand other sessions could be run. Also if the sessions alternated the day….. there may be more chance of a wider catchment coming (granted parents may only attend one or two sessions that way but depending on numbers that may work out better).


Perhaps a family event which could take place early evening with a performer of some kind. Something that both children and adults would enjoy? Pay so much on the door or sell tickets with the usual drinks and snacks for sale and raffle.



1.We need to schedule the next PTFA in prep for the fete as that will be here before we know it.

2.Could reminders also be sent this Friday (tomorrow) in regards to book day as a lot of parents on our group had forgotten.


  • Kind Regards always
  • Louise Griffiths – Secretary for PTFA
  • Frankie Boucher’s Mum

Thank you for coming to share in our Easter Reflection

Congratulations to the whole school and especially the Year 2 teachers and children who led us to reflect on Jesus’ final days, his suffering and glorious resurrection.

One of our school targets is to improve our listening skills, we certainly saw excellent listening skills from nearly every single child during the Easter Service, in fact at times you could hear a pin drop!

Year 2 staff; Miss Wellington, Mrs Hines and Year 2 pupils rose to the challenge of leading us through the final days of Jesus’ life, accompanied by tremendous singing and acting from the rest of the school.

I certainly would not want to meet that angry mob on the streets of Port Talbot!

See pictures of our Dress Rehearsal below!


How can we get ready for Easter and help our sisters and brothers in Peru?

Pope Francis’ message this Lent:

Nobody, no situation and no place

is beyond God’s care 


Dear Mums and Dads, Aunties, Uncles, Staff, brothers and sisters,

Missio have met today and decided that during Lent we would like to do something different! Missio have suggested that together as a Catholic community we might:

  1. Give up or limit time on phones, i-pads, Play Stations?
  2. Find 5 minutes extra a day to pray to Jesus?
  3. Save pocket money and give to those in need?


Together we have decided to rise to the challenge of walking 10,000 steps a day during Lent. We would like everyone to join us ‘Doing something different’, getting fit and raising money for Missions in Peru (Father Giovanni) and Mission Together.


We thought it would be fun to do this together and are hoping that our whole community will join us in this adventure. Please fill in the promise below asap and send donations in by Monday 8th April.                                                  Thanks, Missio

What is our Easter Service all about?






Following Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday we move into the 40 days of Lent. The season of Lent reminds us of Jesus’ 40 days of fasting and prayer in the wilderness, where he grew stronger through resisting various temptations.

The more we become familiar with the Word of God, the more we can become strengthened.

Lent is a ‘powerful’ season, a turning point that can foster change in each of us.

Let us deny ourselves something every day to help others.’

Pope Francis




To help children understand the Easter story, every year we present our version of Jesus’ last days, his death and resurrection. Last year we performed this outside in the open air. Please join us this year, as Year 2, helped by Reception and Year 1, present St Joseph’s Easter Service on the last Tuesday of term at 1:30 PM in St Joseph’s Church.




What’s New? Parents and Friends Meeting

Thanks to those parents and friends who were able to join me to plan events for the next two terms. If you were unable to make today please get involved with events we have planned. We will next meet on Monday 1st April.

Lots of ideas were discussed and we have penciled in the following:

Thursday 4th April

Family Quiz evening at an earlier start (6:00pm) Margam Parish Hall.

Please bring a plate of food to share. We will need help with refreshments on this evening.


Friday 12 th April 2019

Easter Egg hunt- if your child has an allergy please remind staff.

Easter Bonnet parade 1:30 PM


Family Walk and Sandcastle building Sunday May 19th at 12:00 -Noon (after Mass)

19th May 2019  Beach – weather permitting. Refreshments for children has been a great success in the past.


7th June 2019

Jazz Up my scooter/ bike – raising money for CAFOD. Bring your decorated scooter or bike to school. A parade will take place PM.


28th June School Fete


Tues 2nd July:

Sports Day


Next Meeting: Monday 1st April 2019. Maybe Missio Ambassadors could come and share their idea for a Beach Clean at this meeting.

To ensure smooth running of this group, it would be helpful to appoint a Secretary and Chair. Those who attended today are forming a Whats App group to keep in touch. Please consider whether you would be willing to help.

Many thanks again,


Ms Beaumont